Very Happy

We are very happy with the 2015 Edge and your service in the process. We have shared with others and family about our positive experience. Vince was great to work with as was everyone.
Thanks Paul and Wendy



Vince is a top notch guy who goes the extra mile and delivers in product, communication and class.

Above and beyond expectations for sure!


Great Service

I was very pleased with the service from wefindyourcar. Vince was a great help not only in finding the car I was looking for, but also informing me of how the auction and used car business works.

Vince also went above and beyond what I believe were his responsibilities and helped me manage used car sales people.

As I told Vince, my wife and I will be looking for a new ‘to us’ car in the near future and we will be sure to contact Vince to help find us what we are looking for.

Thank you.



Amazing !


Thank you so much for all of your help. Truly appreciate it!!! I have the car and it’s amazing!

I will send people your way as much as I can! I will never shop for cars the typical way again (not that I am going to get another car anytime soon – but you know what I mean). This was such a painless process and I wish I heard about you before.

Thank you again!



Quick Service !

We contacted Vince looking for a Chrysler van. Within the hour he found what we wanted BUT wrong colour for us. One more day and he had exactly what we wanted, and one model year younger (2014)than we requested, so we paid a bit more but didn't need to spend money on the extended warranty. A terrific win all round.

Peter Birks

Excellent Customer Service

I was looking for a quality used vehicle within less then 10 grand and spent 6 months in different areas looking for a truck that was in excellent shape and met my budget. Vince had the perfect truck I was looking for with under 100,000kms and less then $10,000.00 and was everything I was looking for. After I bought the truck, there were some minor things that needed replacing and was covered under warranty. Vince took care of the items under warranty and installed new parts and made sure everything was in order. Excellent customer service, no pressure, answered all my concerns, and these guys stand behind their products and every vehicle we looked at were in excellent shape and their prices are reasonable. I give these guys 10/10 gold stars, and will refer them to my other friends and will certainly buy future vehicles from them.


Just wanted to give you a big and hearty THANK-YOU !!!

All is fantastic...the 2010 Toyota Venza is the car that I need. Everybody asked if it was NEW ! It is versatile and services all my needs...the car literally flys...or would fly if we had wings and the 6 cyl motor is amazing ! The large wheels, perfect and the trailer hitch is what I totally needed. After 2 years of working and bugging you on email we got it done, fast and without issue. I rented a car in Toronto, drove to Milton, dropped off the rental and they drove me to your shop and you had pre-organized everything. My mechanic checked out the car and told me it was beautiful and amazing without issues. Thank-you again Vince, everything is wonderful and I am referring you a friend today. Hopefully she will drive out there, thank-you !!

Phillip F

Just like they advertise!

I've been looking for my van for 4 months with no luck. We needed a very specific van to use for family and business that was gonna fit our family needs and business needs all in one and also for our budget. I was skeptical at first but heard their ad on the radio so I thought I would give it a shot. I'm so glad I did! Within a week of speaking with Vince, I had my van in my driveway. The best part is the process was unbelievably easy. Vince didn't try and push another car at me and worked within my budget to make it possible. I can't say enough about the service and quality. I got exactly what I wanted at a price I can afford. I will recommend this company to anyone and everyone. Thanks so much guys!

Sherine Elzeinab
Choice Catering

Exactly as requested

For over 8 months I had been looking for a rare car – a high quality used BMW M3 convertible; I had zero success on my own. I heard Vince Ieluzzi on AM640 and got in touch with him and told him precisely what I was looking for. Within 4 days, he amazingly found that EXACT car – a 2008, dark blue, M3, 7 speed, hardtop convertible – fully loaded. Vince forwarded an email portfolio of pictures, an explanation of their examination/certification process, and the complete purchase price. The vehicle looked terrific and the price point – better than what I had expected. I was even more impressed 10 days later when I picked it up the M3. All of the conversions were complete, and the car was in superb condition, inside & out – even better then conveyed in the pictures. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase, and equally, the buying experience with Vince and wefindyourcar.ca; first class on all fronts!


From description to driveway in two weeks

Dear Vince, When I first decided I wanted a Cadillac XLR-V, I stopped in at a local dealer and asked if they could find me one. After waiting almost two months without hearing back from them, I caught your radio show on 640 Radio and thought I’d give you a call. You called me back WITHIN AN HOUR saying you found my car in California and emailed me pictures and a full description. Two weeks later, you delivered the car to my driveway! You looked after importing, safety inspection, emission testing, registration and even put on new brakes and tires and the car was fully detailed. It looked like it just came from the showroom! That’s service! I would certainly recommend wefindyourcar.ca to anyone.


Easy process

Dear Vince, I was looking to buy a car and my Dad heard your show on the radio. I contacted you through your website and within 2 weeks I had my new car. The process was smooth and easy and Vince was very helpful throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend wefindyourcar.ca to my friends and family. I love my Nissan Versa!


Shopping from home

Vince, I really appreciated the full service from Vince and wefindyourcar.ca. I never had to leave my house. Vince sent photos and descriptions of several vehicles, and after choosing he delivered to my house in Toronto and picked up my trade-in. Every promise was kept and the car was just as expected. I believe I saved a couple thousand dollars, but the service was really what was separated from other experiences.


Very helpful!

I got in an accident and the insurance company only gave me 10 days for a rental. I needed a new car fast and with so many options out there, I didn't know where to start! As a working single mom, I didn't have time to shop dozens of sites and visit dozens of dealers. I needed to go to someone I trusted to ensure I got the best car for the best deal so I went to wefindyourcar.ca. Vince was very knowledgeable and directed me to some choices in my budget. I ended up choosing a 2008 Acura RDX with Navigation ! He knew my circumstances and accommodated me in a quick fashion! I purchased a car within two days! They knew I was on a timeline, so they quickly cleaned the car and took care of details and delivered it to me where I was returning my rental car! It was quick , easy and most of all, I trusted their knowledge and expertise. As a woman buying a car, you have a feeling you might get ripped off. But at wefindyourcar , they make you feel comfortable and explain everything you need to know! Vince even helped me hook up my Bluetooth which would have taken me days!!!! Thanks so much for piece of mind and a great new car!!!


Happy to refer

I worked with Vince at wefindyourcar.ca to purchase a 2008 Lexus RX350 and the experience was fantastic. Prior to using Vince’s service, I had spent many many hours visiting car dealerships and looking on-line to find that the advertised cars were never as good as they sounded. I then contacted Vince and we exchanged a few emails. Within 2 days he had found the exact car I was looking for and it was in perfect condition (as Vince had promised). It was also several thousands of dollars cheaper than what I could find at the dealerships. I was so satisfied with the service that I have happily referred many others to Vince and know that I will purchase my next car through Vince as well. Thank you for making car buying a happy experience!


Amazing experience

I came to Parkway Auto to find a good deal on a car, what I got was an amazing experience with fantastic people who genuinely wanted to help me find the right car for me. thank you wefindyourcar.ca RIDE ON!

Freebird Solutions


!!!12.4 @ 118mph 1/4 mile fun !!! Let me explain: Vince and his crew worked with me for some time to get me out of a bad "NEW CAR" situation. The result from this TOP NOTCH COMPANY.... ...a shiny new "USED" Vette, a sound financing plan and last but not least Value For My Dollar!! If there is any doubt about buying a used vehicle from these guys let me put it to rest. My newly acquired car performed better than some of the top rated car magazines said it would, at a fraction of a NEW CAR price! Cheers guys look forward to my next Rocket in 5 years 🙂 PS:car was tested by me in every aspect of performance before writing this review "AWESOME"


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